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Default Authentication Process

The default authentication process is as follows:

Step Explanation
Saml20SignonHandler process The SSO handler processes the response from the identity provider.
Saml20Identity created The first action executes (SamlPrincipalAction), which creates a .NET Identity (Saml20Identity) from the processed information, and stores it in the Saml20PrincipalCache. The Identity's "Name" property is set to the SAML response's <Subject> value, which is controlled by the negotiated NameIDFormat from the identity provider.
Forms auth cookie set The second action executes (FormsAuthenticationAction), which uses the Identity "Name" property as the username. Normal MembershipProvider operations apply after this point.
Redirect The last action executes (RedirectAction), which will redirect the user's browser to original requested URL, or to the default URL specified in the configuration.

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